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Ibtida (ابتدا) Project Launch

by MERL UIT, Jan 01, 2021

Tech News

Ghazi (غازی) Project Launch

by MERL UIT, Dec 15, 2020


TSMC Collabration

by MERL UIT, Dec 20, 2021


MERL-UIT joins RISC-V International Summit

by MERL UIT, Dec 10, 2020


MERL Becomes member of CHIPS Alliance

by MERL UIT, Feb 05, 2020


RISC-V Tech Symposium

4. The opportunities for innovations and collaboration are numerous literally on all the fronts compute from Iot, to Cloud to intelligence computing. Everything is open.
5. RISC-V as such presents a unique opportunity for MERL UIT, specifically and in general for Pakistan, their is a "SEISMIC SHIFT" happening in the compute eco system and we can be part of it.
6. The spirit of collaboration is rampant since the key theme is open source , people are ready to share, the learning opportunities are huge.

by MERL UIT, Dec 10, 2019