Selection of 'Usman Zain' in LFX Mentorship as Mentee

It’s year 2022 and we are pleased to announce another ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!! Pakistan placing it's name in The Linux Foundation mentorship program. Congratulations Usman Zain, a Research Associate at Micro Electronics Research Lab has been selected as a Mentee in the Linux Foundation Mentorship’22 programme to contribute in opensource software porting on RISC-V under the mentorship of Wei Wu and Ji Qui from PLCT lab China. The LFX Mentorship Program has total 7 RISCV projects. 5 of which have selected Mentees, 3 out of 5 mentees are from Pakistan and 2 out of 3 are from MERL-UIT University. #research #mentorship #LFX #riscv