MERL Students Launch Open-Source "Vaquita - RISC V Vector Core" Project

We're excited to introduce "Vaquita - RISC V Vector Core," a project developed by our dedicated students at MERL under the guidance of Research Assistant Talha Ahmed. In this initial release, our students have achieved significant milestones, including mastering the Zvl128b architecture, implementing essential arithmetic and configuration instructions, and applying advanced masking techniques for efficient data processing within vectors. "Vaquita Core" is now open-source, and we invite everyone to collaborate and contribute to this exciting initiative. Join us in celebrating this groundbreaking endeavor, and a big shoutout to our talented students: Hamna Mohiuddin (Lead), Maira Usman, Hafsa Shoaib, Abdul Samad Siddiqui, Syed Hassan ul Haq, Saad Ali, and Latif Bhatti! 🌟🌊 #MERL #VaquitaCore