IBTIDA (ابتدا)

Ibtida System on a Chip

Ibtida - ابتدا means "The Beginning", this System on a Chip (SoC) is the start of many RISC-V based SoCs to come. It is the first CHISEL-based chip to be taped out from Pakistan, and has been designed by Muhammad Hadir Khan, Sajjad Ahmed, and Usman Zain; engineering graduate and undergraduate students respectively. The physical layout of the design is achieved by Aireen Amir Jalal, who is also an engineering graduate. Ibtida is a simple SoC, with GPIO as a peripheral, external instruction, and data memories, connected with the TileLink interconnect. It is built around RISC-V based 5 stage pipelined core Buraq-Mini, all developed from scratch using CHISEL HCL.


  • RV32IM extension support.
  • 5 stage pipelined core.
  • Separate instruction and data memories (each 256 Bytes).
  • TileLink Un-Cached Lightweight (TL-UL) Bus Protocol.
  • GPIO peripheral with 30 I/Os connected to the I/O pads.