Muhammad Asfiyan Shivani

Research Intern

Hello, I am Muhammad Asfiyan as I am undergrade 3rd year BSSE student as a part of MERL I am positioning as Research Intern for over a year now in which I have work on my skills as silicon industry like Chisel, Scala, functional programming, assembly etc mostly hardware specific skills because in MERL we are gather to work on open source contribution and projects be like a system which involve hardware and software both

  • Research on GeMM operation and implemented in python
  • Research on Caravan (tilelink)
  • Reseach on SIGMA Architecture
  • Make our own MAGMA-SI Architecture based on SIGMA
  • 50% implemented MAGMA-SI and still working on it
  • RIsc-V ISA
  • ASIC
  • Chisel
  • Scala
  • Functional programming
  • RiscV Assembly
  • system verilog
  • verilog simulation
  • full stack web dev
  • graphic Designer