Usman Zain ul Abedin

Research Associate

I am a computer science student, a technology enthusiast and a research intern at MERL where I'm developing a software platform for our open source system or chips along with my team members. I am also a web and mobile developer and have worked mostly as freelancer. My goal is to make develop and be part of an open source processor designing ecosystem in Pakistan.

  • Contribution in Ibtida SoC. Created testbenchs in c++ and verilog for simulation of Ibtida SoC. Management and setup of merl uit servers.
  • Embedded systems software development.
  • Languages i know: c++
  • c#
  • java
  • python I am also a web and mobile developer. At merl
  • I've done hardware design in chisel. I am also a linux enthusiast and have good command over it.