PyDay (A full Day Python Event)

About PyDay

Micro Electronics Research Lab (MERL) - UITU organized an Full day Python Event for First Year (including 1st and 2nd Semester) Students of BSc Computer Science and Software Engineering. The objective of this Event was to enable students to have some Hands on practise of Python Programming Language by means of 4 different sections of the programme. The Event Started with an Intensive Programming Unit (IPU) exercise, The IPU contained around 30 Python Programs of Beginners level intended for students to get familiar with logic buildings and python syntax. This followed by a Bug Breaking Exercise in which 4 python programs were given to students which contained logical errors in it and the students were given the expected output to get from the program. Students had to debug the programme, find out and break the bug. After Bug Breaking Event was followed by a Lunch break and then there happened a Python Workshop. Python Workshop was an interactive session in which an BSc Software Engineering Final Year Student Talha Ahmed in which he delivered the Python Basics to students in a much interactive and fun way so that students shall actually remember and understand more clearly. It almost contained the similar contents that those students were studying in their courses. Students still enjoyed the Workshop and got fruitful knowledge from it. The event was then followed by a Speed Programming Competition that contained 5 questions of Beginners to Intermediate level. The Speed Programming Competition was taken on HackerRank Platform. This way students also got introduced with HackerRank as well that will surely help them in building up and improving their skills.

This Tremendous Initiative to enable First Year Students to get such effective exposure for improving their Python Skills, is taken by Sir Farhan Ahmed Karim Under the Supervision and Mentorship of TEAM LEAD MERL Dr. Ali Ahmed .

Part 01: Intensive Programming Unit

Part 02: Bug Hunt

Part 03: Python Workshop

Part 04: Speed Programming

Closing Ceremony

Some Random Event Highlights