Abdul Muheet Ghani

Research Intern

I'm hardware RTL designer, emulation on FPGA and verification professional with 2 years of hands-on experience. I possess a diverse skill set that spans both hardware and software domains.In my recent project, I successfully developed a System-on-Chip (SoC) using Xilinx IP's and performed emulation on the AWS cloud FPGA F1 instance. As a significant achievement, I managed to boot the Zephyr RTOS on this emulated SoC. This experience allowed me to gain valuable insights into the entire design process, from hardware development to software integration. Currently, I am focused on advancing my knowledge in the field of advanced computer architecture, specifically exploring multicore architectures within the SoC domain. My studies have led me to specialize in OpenPiton, a fascinating area of research. Alongside my hardware expertise, I also possess experience in verification using UVM. As a Google Summer of Code contributor for the Black Parrot project, I am thrilled to be working on emulating the Black Parrot core. My main objective is to customize and configure the core for easy emulation, even on smaller FPGAs.

  • RV32I Single Cycle Processor
  • 5 Stage Pipelining
  • TinyParrot: A minimal BlackParrot RISC-V Multicore variantTinyParrot: A minimal BlackParrot RISC-V Multicore variant (Present)
  • Multi Core SoC for SMP Linux (Present)
  • NOVA1 Project
  • Compliance Testing Of Single Cycle
  • Kernel booting on Virtual Machine
  • hardware/Software design
  • verification
  • and FPGA emulation.
  • RISCV Assembly Language
  • UVM (Universal Verification Method).
  • Arty a7-35t
  • 100t Vivado.
  • SystemVerilog
  • Verilog
  • C/C++
  • OS Booting
  • Zephyr rtos
  • linux booting on QEMU.
  • Fusesoc
  • Compliance testing and Formal verification.
  • SoC (Custom SoC building and testing on amazon EC2 instance).
  • RISCV Architecture
  • Advance computer architecture for multicore
  • Kernel booting
  • FPGA Emulation